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Site last updated on: 11 / 26 / 16

  • After having thousands of Chilly Willy fans over the years sign the Ice Wall, I decided to map where all of you wonderful Chilly Willy fans live using Google Maps. It's absolutely amazing to see thousands of Chilly Willy fans across the world on every continent. If you want to be added to the map, simply sign the Ice Wall with your location (city/state/country). Enjoy! [11/26/16]

  • Lots of little updates: Tweaked the mobile versions of the pages to load faster and cleaner. Search engine optimization improvements across the site. Fixed the mobile version of the Comics page to be more accessible. Also, it's slow moving, but progress on the Chilly Willy Hockey game is coming along nicely. It should be ready sometime in early 2017. Enjoy! [11/6/16]

  • Added a Twitter Tweet button to help you share your enjoyment of Chilly Willy with your friends and family. Enjoy! [7/3/16]

  • Updated the Ice Wall entry comment textbox to be more user-friendly. Now there is a counter to show how many characters are left for you to use as you type your Chilly Willy comment on the Ice Wall. Enjoy! [7/2/16]

  • Updated the Ice Wall date/time information to be more user-friendly. Now instead of showing something like "2016-07-01 21:30:57" it will display "07/01/16 9:30 PM". Enjoy! [7/1/16]

  • Updated the desktop version of the Audio page buttons with a fun bounce effect as you mouse over them. Enjoy! [6/14/16]

  • Updated the Headlines archives for all 16 years worth of site updates so all the pages have a consistent look. Enjoy! [6/13/16]

  • I finally got around to ordering a car decal advertising Not sure why I waited so long to do that. I've only been running this site for over 20 years. Enjoy! [5/24/16]

  • Updated the image above the Facebook Like & Share buttons to a cleaner graphic that is a bit more fun. Enjoy! [5/23/16]

  • Added a new video to the Video Den: Ice Phone Theme Song. I had excellent audio that I synced to an HD copy of Pesky Pelican that I had edited to match the original video to have an HD quality copy of the theme song. Enjoy! [5/21/16]

  • Updated both the desktop and mobile version of the tribute page to Chilly's voice actor, Daws Butler. Also, I decided to remove two pages from the site, the Freebies and Merchandise pages as both weren't contributing much to the site as a whole and while debatably useful some years ago, at this point they had outlived their usefulness. This frees me up to focus more on the remaining webpages and make them the best they can be. Enjoy! [5/20/16]

  • Finished updating the videos on the mobile webpages. I'm also in the process of making a brand new Chilly Willy video and making a Chilly Willy Ice Hockey video game. These should both be ready in the next month or two. Enjoy! [5/19/16]

  • Updated the counter on the main page to have new icy-looking numbers that are larger than the old ones and now include commas in the number for easier readability. Enjoy! [5/15/16]

  • Updated the mobile version of the audio page to actually work on mobile devices. I also increased the size of the Facebook Like button to give it a bit more prominence on both the desktop and mobile versions of the site. Enjoy! [5/13/16]

  • Updated the video engine for the Chilly Willy cartoons for a better look and an improved fullscreen experience. I have only updated the desktop pages though; the mobile pages will be updated soon. Also the desktop version of the audio page has been updated and the mobile version will be updated soon. Lastly I added some navigation buttons for reading comics on the comics page for a better experience. Enjoy! [5/12/16]

  • Both the desktop and mobile versions of Chilly's Drawing Board have been updated. Still have to update fan submissions of Chilly drawings as well as videos on how to draw Chilly. Those will be coming soon. Enjoy! [5/7/16]

  • Both the desktop and mobile versions of the tribute page to Walter Lantz, Chilly Willy's creator, have been updated. Enjoy! [5/6/16]

  • The comics page has been redesigned. It looks amazing! Check it out and enjoy reading some Chilly Willy comics. Most of them are legibile, a few of them are perfect, but for any of them less than perfect I will be re-scanning those comics over the next few weeks. Enjoy! [5/3/16]

  • Redesigned the main page for a more clean look. Also on the Ice Wall for both the desktop and mobile versions of the site I implemented Google's new "no captcha recaptcha" version 2.0 tool, which is that checkbox you click that proves you're not a robot. Much nicer than having to decipher the picture of squiggly letters and numbers. Enjoy! [5/1/16]

  • Huge updates to the site. I'm in the process of completely revamping the mobile pages. So far I have the main page, Ice Wall, and all video pages updated and I'm working on the Headline pages, but many more mobile updates are in the pipeline. I'm also updating a whole lot of the graphics throughout the site for a cleaner look. Huge plans for the Comics page (it's going to look so cool), but I also have to rescan all of my old comics to larger sizes (that's going to take a while). Enjoy! [4/29/16]

  • Several big updates to the site. All of the Video pages across both the desktop and mobile versions of the website are in the process of being updated to a cleaner, faster loading layout. Also, the Facebook 'Like' button has been updated to the latest version and a 'Share' button has been added. [3/25/16]

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